Mid-Week Report (Week 15)

First of all I want to thank you for checking in for my mid-week report.  So far, it's been a good start to the new quarter.  As of today's close, I am about half way to my weekly goal so it's looking really good.  I'm also want to run my win streak to 2 weeks.  But shifting to the market so far … Read more about Mid-Week Report (Week 15)

Quarter 1 Recap

As expected, quarter 1 has been a ride.  I don't know if I can say it had been a fun one or not.  Especially, since it's been both, sometimes within minutes.  I guess that's the beauty of this journey, if this kind of craziness is your thing.  Probably the biggest lesson reinforced in Quarter 1 has … Read more about Quarter 1 Recap

Bye Week

Think of when your favorite football team loses a few games leading up to the bye week.  I know some people think that at least they can't lose while they adjust.  Weird but true, right?  You also can't win either, but that's another discussion.  Either way that is how this week has went so far.  It … Read more about Bye Week

Reset Button

Alright people I'm hitting the reset button.  I know this isn't a video game, but I can have fun with it.  The biggest reason I'm hitting the reset button is that I'm back to where I started.   $28,086.35!!!   If you're not caught up on how it all went down, you need to be.  So go back and read … Read more about Reset Button

Back Testing

If you remember from my last post, I mentioned that I was going to do some back testing this week.  The reason being is that after a good January in the stock market, February kicked my butt.  Bad!!!  And it's continued through March.  If you've been following you know how it happened.  But if this … Read more about Back Testing

Consistent Execution

Stocks trading is a game of consistent execution.  I believe that whatever your strategy is, you have to execute it consistently.  Not adjust it because the market freaks out.  I've back tested my strategy and it works.  So why haven't I executed it?  I ask rhetorically while hoping some of you have … Read more about Consistent Execution

Market Timing

Today I want to write about market timing.  I think there are several ways traders use the concept of market timing.  You hear a lot about the timing of entry points and exit points intraday.  But I want to focus on market timing in terms of how to position for a specific DAY.  No 2 days in the … Read more about Market Timing

Patience is Boring

This patience thing is boring me.  The first 2 days of this week have been spent waiting.  Specifically, waiting for things to line up the way I like, which hasn't happened much.  Waiting for the market to show some kind of identity, which  hasn't happened either.  So let me break down all the … Read more about Patience is Boring

Drawing Board

I was playing with fire the day I wrote Wild Ride.  And it caught up to me on Thursday and Friday.  The result was that I lost what I had made on my record day and then some.  So here I am back to the drawing board on a Sunday night when I wouldn't be watching the Oscars.  Really, I was more … Read more about Drawing Board

Wild Ride

Wow!!!  What a day!!!  How did you ride out today?  Were you buying? Selling?  Short, perhaps?  Or just relaxing in cash?  Maybe it depended on the time of day today.  I hope it did.  Because today was such a wild ride that what was right at one moment was wrong the next.  That in and of itself is … Read more about Wild Ride

Record Day

After the last couple of weeks, I am excited to share the details about the first record day of my latest stock trading adventure.  If you were following the market today you know it was steadily up all day.  So really it was a perfect day to have a record day.  As I mentioned yesterday, I just had … Read more about Record Day

Ugly Process

I'll cut right to the chase and say that this was my worst week yet and it helped remind me that I'm definitely in the ugly part of the process.  It wasn't even that the stock market did anything out of the ordinary.  I just feel like I was really off on all my picks and timing my entry points.  … Read more about Ugly Process