Leverage and Liquidity

This journey will include so much more than picking stocks and timing entry/exit points.  An extensive amount of mental effort, or what I like to call brain squeezing, will be spent on managing 2 intertwining concepts: leverage (margin) and liquidity.  As I mentioned in the IM strategy post, the … Read more about Leverage and Liquidity

IM Strategy

I previously mentioned that my strategy is to buy low and sell high. You’re probably thinking that you’ve heard that before. But what you may not have thought of is how I’m going to do that. You see, after observing the market for going on 20 years I've noticed some trends. First, during bull … Read more about IM Strategy

The Innovative Millionaire History

  I am going to turn $25k into $1mil in 5 years trading in the stock market. You’re probably asking yourself if you read that right.  The answer is yes.  I'm going to become a millionaire and it’s going to be a fun ride.  I like simple and you will learn that about me as read my blog.  So if … Read more about The Innovative Millionaire History