About Me

I am a long time follower of the stock market.  During different seasons in my career I have been a very active trader.  I have made good money AND lost good money in the market, so take a moment and enjoy reading my history here.

Upon reading you will quickly conclude that the underlying theme of my history is that I have never had anything in business keep me as intrigued as the stock market has.  I have taken some hits and for some reason I keep coming back.  I really don’t know why.  But what I do know is that what I have learned from my experience has turned into an innovative strategy that will turn $25k into $1mil in 5 years.  This is going to happen in a way that hasn’t been done before.   

I am not the kind of trader that fits the traditional mold of people getting rich in the stock market. I don’t come from any money. I got a bachelors degree in Finance from a state school. I don’t have the powerful connections. (At least not yet). No trust funds or the family name on a building at my Ivy League alma mater.  That last one was for dramatic effect.  Anyway, because of all those reasons I want to inspire those that don’t have that traditional pedigree whether it is in this business or any other, to go after what may seem unreachable. My goal here is to stimulate creativity and innovative thinking that will open new pathways to success.  So join the IM movement and watch success happen. 

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