I hope you have all had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend.  While it was good to enjoy a little extra time off physically, my mind never takes a day off.  Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get back to my laptop to write my post and start planning for the week ahead.  If you follow me on Twitter you already knew that my 6 week losing streak ended last week.  If you don’t, click on the link above and follow now.  But I digress.  It wasn’t a huge week and really it was what I would call an ugly win.  At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter because I just needed a win and now I can get back on track.

The only way to get ahead in this game or any other is to stay optimistic because the one thing that is a certainty is that you WILL miss.  And FAIL!!!  If you’re not missing or failing you are just not trying, because to me failure is the best teacher.  And like Thomas Edison said, I’ve figured out a lot of ways not to do this.  So now it’s a matter of defeating my biggest enemy and that’s me.  What I mean by that is having the testicular fortitude to shut the voices in my head down that cause apathy, make me think about quitting, make me question what I know to do and any other doubts that keep me from success.  Can anybody relate?  Anyway, that is my motivational speech for today so let’s get to how the week played out.

For those that read the mid-week report, you’re awesome!!!  And thank you for reading.  Those that didn’t go ahead and fix that problem by reading it now.  As for Thursday, it was as boring as can be.  Believe me, that is a good thing.  Sometimes not doing is the right thing because you’re not forcing it.  I don’t have to trade EVERY day.  Thursday was that day.  Nothing fit my strategy and I didn’t convince myself like I have in the past 6 weeks.  And to be honest, I believe that Thursday was instrumental in breaking the losing streak because I didn’t blow what I made the first part of the week.

As for Friday, it wasn’t nearly as boring, but really close.  The market was mixed and really just acting kind of funny.  The only opportunities that I saw were in the energy sector, which was getting hammered.  So I shorted CVX and XOM, and I didn’t catch as much of the slide as I would have like so I covered for a small gain.  I also picked on GE and the same thing happened.  If there is one thing I feel like I have a good grasp on it’s that I don’t beat myself up over missing big gains.  Especially, when the entry point wouldn’t have fit my strategy.

So that was it for the week.  Pretty boring end, but I needed it. BAD!!!  So I’ll take it.  Now looking ahead to this week.  I’m really excited on building on last week.  Specifically executing my strategy more consistently and making the money that I know is out there to be made.  So be sure to follow me on social media so you can stay current on my progress.  Also, share the hell out of this because people need to read this.  Until next time, go out and crush this week!!!


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