I spent this last week settling in after a couple of what I would describe as “off weeks”.  Honestly it felt great to get back to making money and just getting back in the swing of things.  I felt really comfortable trading and navigating this crazy market.  Probably, the biggest accomplishment of the week was executing my strategy in a consistent manner regardless of how inconsistent the market was.  In the end it wasn’t a huge gain for the week, but if I continue to execute like I did this week I’ll get back on track.  So let’s see how all this played out:

  • Monday – The market was down most of the day so it was a great day to work on my short game.  I shorted MSFT for my big gain of the day.  Then XOM and CMCSA for ok gains.  SYF for even and a small loss on JPM.  That is very active for me on a down day shorting.  So while not a home run I’ll take any positive gains on a down day.  After all, this is what I believe will be most crucial to getting to $1 million.
  • Tuesday – The market turned back up.  So I bought AMZN, WDAY, AAPL and STX and they all hit for small gains.  This was one of those days where I really wish I would have captured more of the upswing, but it is really going to come down to managing my stops more effectively.  That is going to be an ongoing effort so stay tuned.
  • Wednesday – Was a bit of a funny day.  The market started up so I bought DWDP and XOM.  Then the market turned so stops hit.  DWDP sold for an ok gain and XOM at even.  Then the market stayed down so I started shorting.  ADSK and NVDS for nice gains.  EA and PYPL for ok gains.  And finally ATVI late in the day for a “medium loss”.  That is the trade I shouldn’t have done.  And I knew it going in.  I hope to get this over trading thing fixed one day.
  • Thursday – Nothing.  No trades.  Honestly, I just couldn’t watch the market like I would like so I just left it alone.
  • Friday – Started off up and stayed up most of the day before giving back most of the gains.  Honestly, it was the worst day of the week.  I really was hoping it would be easy cashing in on the up day.  And it wasn’t.  I just found out a way to buy at what seemed to be the high points of the day.  Specifically, TRV, DWDP and AMGN were all losing trades.  Good thing though is I had a couple of small gains on JPM and CMA before all that.

In conclusion, even after Friday, I was ahead.  You know I’ll take it anyway I can get it.  So going into this week I’m just going to continue the momentum and start up a good win streak.  I have to be honest this has been a ride.  Not much of anything has gone the way I planned it, but here I am.  Keeping after it.  I hope you have enjoyed my “adventures” and have learned plenty of what not to do.  So don’t forget to share this so everyone you know will be entertained and also follow me on social media for more real time updates.  Happy Monday everyone and I hope you all have the most profitable week yet!!!

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