So I have to be honest.  I took some time off from trading in the last 2 weeks.  A week and a half a go Mrs. IM and I celebrated our anniversary and took a quick trip to New York.  It was as relaxing as New York can be, but the escape was much needed.  Then I got back to some other obligations that caused some distractions.  So I’m going to pose some questions right up front.  First, what do you do to relax?  Get away? Decompress?  I believe you need to get some rest or you’ll drive yourself crazy, especially in this game.  Secondly, how do you handle distractions?  Specifically, the ones that take you away from what you are passionate about.  Post away.  I’d really like to read your thoughts.

As for the last 2 weeks of trading,  I wasn’t as active as I usually am.  The not so interesting thing is the result was the same as it has been.  Losing…  My losing streak is up to 6 weeks.  Honestly, the few trades I’ve placed in the last 2 weeks are really a continuation of what I described in my last post.  And as I mentioned in that post I’m going to keep shooting.  I know what I’m doing and I believe in my strategy.  So I’m going to keep after it.  Especially knowing that there is room to execute it more consistently.

Looking ahead to this week, I am going into it with a very optimistic mindset.  Really have no choice but to be optimistic.  That is the only way to make it in anything.  I’ll be able to focus more and will just continue improving.  I’m going to keep it very brief this week, but I’ll be back in the middle of the week with a mid week review.  So be sure to follow me on social media so you can see what I’m trading in throughout the week and don’t forget to share this.  I hope you all have a very profitable week !!!

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