It’s that time again.  I’m here writing my blog post waiting for Monday to get here so my winning streak can continue.  Have any of you ever said you are waiting for Monday to get here?  I hope you have, because if you haven’t, you need to do something that will make you excited for Monday.  I love Mondays because it’s a fresh start to the week.  So if I had a good week, the streak can continue and if I had a bad week it’s a chance to move on.  Huge emphasis on moving on because in anything you do you will have losing days and weeks, but if you stay there the losing streak WILL continue.  I hope my attempt at a motivational speech encourages you.  So moving on to what I know…

My streak to open the IM project is at 4 straight winning weeks.  The funny thing is that when I say barely, I really mean it.  Because I needed that last push on Friday afternoon to go positive for the week.  I finished the week at $29,143.43, up a whopping $53.11.  So that means my goal for this week will be the biggest yet at $857.58.  The good thing is that it’s very attainable.  So let’s talk about how I got here:

  • Monday – The market was up, but nothing was lining up the way I liked except for the one trade I made for WU and made $31.51.
  • Tuesday – The market was down, but on the bearish side nothing was lining up the way I liked on my Short List, so I did nothing.
  • Wednesday – Was the beginning of a nice market run that I didn’t take advantage of as much as I would have liked.  In fact it was when my week started to turn south after I bought CRUS.  I also traded JPM, GM and GNTX for a total gain of $123.80.
  • Thursday – Going back to CRUS.  It had all the makings, according to my strategy, of making a comeback.  Obviously didn’t happen and my 3% stop hit early that morning, which sucked.  The good thing is that it took almost 4 weeks to hit my first 3% floor.  Either way, like I previously mentioned, I moved on.  So I was trading.  But nothing was happening because I traded WU, T, STX, LLY, TXN and JNJ all for basically even money.
  • Friday – I bought CRUS back because I thought it was making a move again and it got even worse before it got better and was able to salvage even money thanks to the late push.  I also traded ORCL, LRCX, CELG and SWKS for a gain of $132.41.

Looking forward to this week, I obviously have a lot of ground to make up, so I will be paying very close attention to possible price corrections.  And with earnings season in full swing, even in a bull market, some stocks will get beat up.  So stay tuned to see which ones I jump on.  As for some of the specifics I’m looking at, here they go:

  • Earnings Season – Most of my Earnings Watch will be reporting and 10 stocks on my Most Traded that include some of my favorites.  STX, TROW, AAPL and AMGN.
  • Some corrections I’m waiting for are GM, STT, BBBY and  MTG to make a comeback.  Also, NFLX has been hot so I’ll be watching it for a short opportunity.

Overall, it’s making for an exciting finish to my first month as I’m looking for a really strong finish.  Looking back, it really has been very eventful for me and I believe there will be so much to build upon.  If this is only the first month just think of the long and fun ride we have ahead of us.  This is going to be a marathon and a test of endurance and that is why I believe this game is more mental than anything, but I believe that applies to anything you’re doing that you want to succeed.  So I’m going to keep pressing forward and attack this last part of the month and report back later in the week and let you all know how I finished.  Have an awesome week and make it a profitable one!!!

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